Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to provide answers here to the questions we are most often asked.

Most other questions or concerns are addressed during our tours of the venues and our booking appointments which is when we get an opportunity to address the rules in our contracts as well as explaining what your rental can look like with us. Of course, if you have any questions not addressed during those interactions, we are always available and happy to talk shop with you!

Do I need to schedule an appointment to tour Butterfly Kisses Pavilion?

Yes, we highly recommend you schedule an appointment to view the venue.   We may have an event or be unavailable if you come by without an appointment. You may schedule an appointment by simply contacting our office via 252-223-2766, email, or facebook message.

What is the maximum capacity of the venue?

Our packages go up to 240 people, however our covered area (the barn) can comfortable hold 146 people buffet style. More people may fit in different arrangements and style events. If you need to utilize excess space to accommodate your larger event then you may consider renting a tent to set up next to the barn.

Is it less expensive to host my event during the week or time of the year?

For a wedding yes, our wedding packages vary depending on the day of the week however, our prices are the same no matter what time of the year it is.

What does the rental include?

See our Services and Amenities page for details on event rentals and weddings packages.

Are there black out dates for booking my party?

Yes, we do not book parties on Saturdays during the months of April-June and September-November unless we are less than 30 days out from the event date. Due to this time of year being wedding season we must make it available to potential couples prior to opening these dates to small parties.

Can I hold a date?

Unfortunately, we cannot hold dates. Our dates are available on a first come, first serve basis.

How do I book my date?

Reserving dates requires a nonrefundable date reservation fee (50% of the total venue rental amount) and a signed contract provided by the host/responsible party. If the event is a wedding, we do require either one or both of the person(s) getting married to be one of the responsible parties.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes, we require a refundable security deposit to be secured 30 days prior to the event. This deposit will be refunded upon completion of the event without any damages or excessive clean up.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, money orders, and all major credit cards.

Can I make payments up to the final payment date?

Yes, you may even leave a card on file to call in payments or have automatic deductions.

Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs associated with your package unless you choose to upgrade your package or add an additional service. The amenities listed are available as an inclusion in your package.

Am I required to obtain special event insurance?

As the host you are responsible for anyone present at your event including guest and vendors. We do highly recommend event insurance however it is not required. Special event insurance has many different protections for a host; most hosts will consider it alone for the alcohol liability. Butterfly Kisses Pavilion can provide you with some local insurance companies that offer this or you may obtain on your own.

What is your alcohol policy?

You may have alcohol served at your event. All alcohol MUST be served by a TIPS certified and insured bartender that has been pre-approved by Butterfly Kisses Pavilion. We do not allow self-serve alcohol.  If you would like to have liquor and/or spirits served at your event then you must provide a Limited Special Occasion permit obtained by the ABC board. To obtain more information on the permit please visit Any state and federal laws apply to events held at Butterfly Kisses Pavilion. Details can be found in our contract available to you upon booking an event. Should any rules or laws be broken it will be considered a breach of contract and the event will be cancelled immediately. Butterfly Kisses Pavilion has a list of preapproved bartenders available and can also provide you with limited serving services via beer and wine service via Jennifer Shultz.

I see you have preferred vendors, am I required to use them as my own vendors?

The list of preferred vendors is available for you to use however is not required. Our preferred vendors are preapproved and provide an excellent level of service.   Should you provide your own vendors or service you may require additional verification and permissions to utilize your own vendors.

What are your rental times?

The package you choose determines your start and end time. Rentals may start as early as 9 am. An event can end as late as 12 am however music must be cut off by 11 pm.

What if I need more time for my event?

Additional time may be available at an hourly rate and must be pre-approved by BKP.

Will someone from BKP be present during my event?

Yes, we will have a director and any needed staff available for your event. Their duties include parking attendant and venue attendant. Our venue attendants will maintain the restrooms, manage the fire pit, adjust pavilion enclosures, manage trash receptacles, and are there for overall safety. They do not handle any coordination of the event or the production of the host’s décor unless you have hired those services via our in house coordinator.

What does BKP do to prepare for my event?

Thirty (30) days prior to your event we will collect a small checklist and layout from the host. The checklist includes several questions we need addressed to prepare our staff and our venue for your event. This checklist also provides us with your hired vendors so that we may reach out to them to address any of their questions/concerns they may have prior to the event day as well as collect any of the required documents for vendors not already pre-approved. The layout is a small drawing of how you would like the tables/chairs placed at our venue.

Do I need to hire a wedding coordinator?

While we do not require you to hire a coordinator we do highly recommend at least a day of coordinator. Coordinators can ensure that all tasks are complete and that the flow of your day is seamless. We do offer an in house Wedding Coordinating service via Southern Lace Weddings and Events.

Do you have a sound system?

No, you will need to provide your own speakers and sound for music and microphone purposes. Most DJ’s will provide their own system for sound and microphones.

Do you have a place for me to get ready?

While we do have restrooms with a waiting area it is not recommended to utilize for the traditional “getting ready” portion of the wedding party’s day. This is the only restroom area on site so therefore, vendors and guests will utilize the space and there is little room for privacy.   There are some local hotels we recommend for this particular need should you not have a location for this part of your day.

Do you have a kitchen?

No we do not have any kitchen or prep area. Most caterers will create a prep area by bringing additional tables and any other needs they may have. Some caterers will have a “kitchen on wheels” in which they may park in our designated area and set up there. Additional rules/requirements for caterers and/or food service will be explained in our contract.

What do we do during inclement weather?

When planning an outdoor event you should always consider a “plan b”. Our facility does include the barn which is typically used for the reception part of the events. Couples have utilized this space as their “plan b” by having guests sit at their reception table and performing the ceremony in a centralized location. You may also consult with a local rental company to have a tent placed over the ceremony site or anywhere on the excess land available for your use to separate the locations of the ceremony and the reception.

What do I do if it happens to be extremely hot or extremely cold on my event day?

We are an outdoor wedding venue and perfect weather cannot be guaranteed however you may consider ways of making it more comfortable. Our barn has large canvas windows that can be rolled up or down depending on the weather. Heaters and fans may be rented from a rental company. If you would like more shaded areas you may consider a small tent for the outdoor areas. You may consult with one of the directors to direct you to one of the local rentals companies to help you with this.

What about pests?

BKP is an outdoor venue, we strive our best to manage Mother Nature including year around pest control and ground maintenance. The week of your event we will fully inspect the venue for any pests that may need to be tended to. Our ground maintenance helps keep bugs and wildlife at our most possible minimum. You may bring bug spray and/or citronella candles/torches to place out around the outside of the venue.

What about décor? Can I decorate the location?

As you may see throughout the website and on our facebook page we allow our hosts to decorate the venue as they prefer. There are some limitations due to safety and preventing damages.

Do I get time to rehearse my ceremony on site?

Yes, upon booking a wedding with us you are eligible for up to one hour of practice time for your ceremony. This will be scheduled at our discretion however we will try to accommodate your scheduling.

Does BKP handle my set up and clean up?

BKP includes a basic production (set up/clean up). We will set up the whiskey barrel tables, guest/service tables, chairs, and linens included in the rental and break them down. All other décor is at the responsibility of the host or who the host may hire. BKP will also tend to the restrooms and the trash receptacles throughout the event however it is the responsibility of the host to ensure the venue is free of trash and personal and/or rented items at the end of the event. BKP will handle the breakdown of the whiskey barrel tables, guest/service tables, chairs, and linens.

What table linens are included?

We have partnered with Graceful Tables to provide you with quality linens at an affordable price. You are able to choose from their classic linen fabric in the color choices available. Your venue rental will include table cloths for all guest tables, either a choice of napkins for all guest or table runners for each guest table, and table cloths for all service tables that are included within your package. Material upgrades or additional linen request are available however additional costs may apply.